Co-operation strengthens opportunities

Several public and private organizations all over the world have created trading platforms and marketplaces, where buyers and sellers of IP rights can meet each other. We at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office are one of them. But instead of focusing only on our own platform, we firmly believe that co-operating in the area of trade with IP rights is benefitting to all.

That is why we encourage anyone who has an interest in co-operating with us to contact us. Co-operation could be both exchange of listings (IP rights for sale or license agreements) or mutual marketing of websites.

IP-Marketplace currently have the following cooperations established

    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is the global forum for intellectual property policy, services, information and cooperation. A specialized agency of the United Nations, WIPO assists its 187 member states in developing a balanced international IP legal framework to meet society's evolving needs. It provides business services for obtaining IP rights in multiple countries and resolving disputes. It delivers capacity-building programs to help developing countries benefit from using IP. And it provides free access to unique knowledge banks of IP information.
    WIPO GREEN is an interactive marketplace that promotes innovation and diffusion of green technologies by connecting technology and service providers with those seeking innovative solutions.WIPO GREEN consists of an online database and network that brings together a wide range of players in the green technology innovation value chain, and connects owners of new technologies with individuals or companies looking to commercialize, license or otherwise access or distribute a green technology.
  • INPI Brasil
    The National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) is the official government body responsible for Industrial Property rights in Brazil being a federal autarchy of the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services.
  • Asia IP Exchange - Online Trading Platform for Intellectual Property
    Developed and managed by Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Asia IP Exchange (AsiaIPEX) is a free online platform and database showcasing intellectual properties around the globe, aiming to facilitate international IP trade and connection to global IP players. AsiaIPEX provides you a database of over 25,000 IP projects from more than 20 countries and regions. Both owners interested in selling IP, manufacturers looking to buy technologies to upgrade operations, or IP service providers offering quality IP intermediary services can use AsiaIPEX. Visit Asia IP Exchange on
  • IP Australia is the owner of the web-based marketplace called Source IP. Source IP is an online platform, provided free of charge for both buyers and sellers, which provides a means for public sector patent holders to signal licensing intent and promote their key areas of technology.
  • The Zhejiang Intellectual Property Exchange Center (ZJIPX) is one of China’s leading and fastest growing patent trading platforms. ZJPIX is an one-stop-shop platform for IP rights transactions and business development that offers IP Rights Trading Platform, IP Analysis Services, IP Academy, IP Capital Fund Pool and IP Incubator. ZJIPX was launched in 2016 as a joint initiative by Zhejiang University and the Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, who together are the main shareholders ZJIPX.
  • Match-online
    As a Nordic marketplace, work within the matching portal space. Being an experienced marketplace, which originally started in 2000, the focus have until now been on trading with legal entities such as companies. In 2016, developed an intellectual property exchange called IPR-BØRS.DK, connecting the more than 130 company advisors in the intellectual property marketplace. Working together with local inventor associations and public authorities, hope to help commercializing rights in a broad sense covering patents, design and trademarks together with other kind of rights like movies, music and publications.
  • Licentix
    Licentix is a global marketplace for out-licensing and sales of patent rights. The IP marketplace holds over 10.000 active licensing opportunities. Licentix has online tools for searching for licensing opportunities and for identifying companies that would potentially be interested in buying or licensing patents.
  • Lexit
    LEXIT is an all-in-one M&A marketplace that offers deal sourcing, tendering, negotiations, and data room services for entrepreneurs and industry professionals. The LEXIT Solution allows for M&A processes to be concluded four times as fast, at about a quarter of the traditional costs. Entrepreneurs are empowered to discover the true value of their assets and companies on a liquid marketplace without having to bear overpriced prepayments..
  • Genius Croatia
    Genius Croatia is a platform for the promotion, presentation and commercialization of Croatian innovative projects, ideas, inventions, people and teams, as well as their connections with the domestic and international market, capital and media. Visit us on
    INNOVACCESS is a European Network of National Intellectual Property Offices. Its aim is to co-ordinate and build synergies with other Intellectual Property Rights related partners and projects in order to enhance competitiveness of SMEs, to empower them to integrate IPR into their business strategies, and improving their capabilities within the area of enforcement.
  • Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation
    The Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI) was founded in 1987 (Law 1733/1987), as a legal entity under private law. It is self- financed and has the sole competence for the protection of inventions and industrial designs in Hellas and dissemination of technological information through industrial property titles.
  • Hungarian Intellectual Property Office
    The Hungarian Intellectual Property Office (HIPO), established in 1896, is a government office supervised by the Minister of Public Administration and Justice in the name of the Government. The HIPO is responsible for ensuring the protection of intellectual creations by intellectual property rights. Its responsibilities and competences include conducting procedures in the field of industrial property rights, duties concerning copyright and rights related to copyright, as well as information and documentation activities.
  • Norwegian Industrial Property Office
    The Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) handles applications for patent protection, and for trademark and design registration. We offer courses, seminars and lectures on the importance of intellectual property rights, and how they can be protected and utilised to create value. We carry out a variety of searches and investigations to provide our customers with information on technological developments, and we give prior assessments of ideas for patenting, trademarks and designs. NIPO is a government authority organised under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries.
  • The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland
    The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland fulfills a wide spectrum of tasks by pursuing its mission in the field of Industrial Property protection. It constitutes one of the key state institutions in Poland related to the development of innovative economy. It was founded on 28 December 1918 as one of the first governmental institutions created after regaining independence. The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland undertakes numerous initiatives in view to promoting IP protection and its role in the market economy. To fulfill its tasks, the Patent Office cooperates with central bodies of the state administration, trade organizations, professional corporations as well as social associations.
  • The Estonian Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Centre
    The Estonian Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Centre (EIPTTC) offers a wide variety of intellectual property and technology transfer support services, training and education. Our stock and online search possibilities guarantee the possibility of carrying out examination to novelty and state of art of the applications for registering the subjects of legal protection as well as for research purposes. Additionally we offer intellectual property audits, strategy consulting and valuation services to our clients.
  • The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria
    The Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, established on 4 June 1948, is the National State Authority for the legal protection of the industrial property rights. The Office is located in Sofia.The Patent Office is a modern institution whose vocation is to work for the implementation of the up-to-date system for the protection of the industrial property.
  • The Intellectual Property Office of Serbia
    The Intellectual Property Office of Serbia is an institution which is responsible for the tasks related to industrial property rights: patents, trademarks, industrial designs, indications of geographical origin and topographies of semiconductor products as well as related to copyright and related rights. It is in charge of the implementation of international treaties with regard to the intellectual property protection and represents the Republic of Serbia in specialized international organizations responsible for intellectual property protection.
  • The Irish Patents Office
    The Irish Patents Office is a statutory office under the direction and control of the Controller of Patents Designs and Trade Marks and operates under the aegis of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. The Office is responsible for the granting and registration of intellectual property rights in Ireland. Through the provision and administration of the patents, trademarks and design registration system and the provision of information on intellectual property rights, the Office assists Irish business, industry and individual entrepreneurs to optimise the economic potential of their intellectual property.
Cooperation with universities
  • Intellectual Property Committee of University of Iceland and Landspitali University Hospital
    The Intellectual Property Committee is responsible for technology transfer from the University of Iceland and Landspitali University Hospital to industry, which involves filing patents, establishing spin-offs and research collaboration and selling/licensing IP rights.
  • Science and Technology Park of University of Rijeka - Step Ri
    Step Ri was established by the University of Rijeka in order to become premier science and technology hub, facilitating the commercialization of research & development created within scientific community, foster cooperation between Academia and business sector. Beside basic business and incubation services, Science and Technology Park University of Rijeka - Step Ri aim to become regional leader and known as innovation "think tank" where both start-ups and established major companies could get first class innovation management knowledge and global up to date best practices.
  • University of Belgrade - Center for Technology Transfer
    The University of Belgrade had acknowledged the importance of investment in intellectual potential and protection of results of scientific research and therefore founded the Center for Technology Transfer for the purpose of identifying, protecting and commercializing its R&D results. The Center's team constantly works on rising the awareness regarding IP and technology transfer, widening of collaboration with other universities, TTO's, and enterprises all over the world, and strengthening the bonds between them.

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