Valuation of IP rights

Many companies want to know the value of their IP rights. To provide input to this work, The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has developed the tool IP Evaluation. It’s a tool you can use to evaluate patents, trademarks and designs when you want to trade these.

IP Evaluation helps you find the right argument for reductions and increases in price when you are in negotiations with a potential buyer of your IP right. The tool can also be used in other situations, e.g. when your business wants to create a strategy for your rights.

The tool focuses on the general opportunities and risks that are linked to the right, and by asking about specific factors that may affect the value of the right, it gives you a deeper understanding of your IP right. IP Evaluation is intended to prepare you for a potential meeting with your IP advisor, where you go through the results together and find the correct price for your specific right.

IP Evaluation gives you a report which describes the value of your right via a score, and gives you an overview of where you can best increase the value of your rights. It’s free of charge to use the tool.

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More about IP Evaluation

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