Standard contracts

If you have reached the stage where you are in negotiations with another company about selling your IP right, it is a good idea to enter a written agreement, before any real co-operation is established.

The Danish Patent and Trademark Office has developed a number of standard contracts, which you can use as a starting point or inspiration in your negotiations. The standard contracts have been developed with the support from Kammeradvokaten/Law firm Poul Schmidt in cooperation with a broad panel consisting of the following organisations:

The Confederation of Danish Industries,

  • The Danish Chamber of Commerce,
  • The Danish Bar and Law Society,
  • The Association of Danish Law Firms,
  • ADIPA (formerly the Association of Danish Patent Agents),
  • The Inventors Association DK,
  • The Danish Association of Inventors,
  • Local Government Denmark and
  • Danish Regions

Remember to seek professional advice before you sign the agreement.

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