A Better Way To Advertise on Coffee Sleeves


Business potential

The Cup Holder With A Handle has the potential to replace the regular coffee sleeve and have wide application due to its superior advertising potential.

I am looking to license the patent with annual royalties or for an outright sale.

I currently have a website, www.MugshotSleeves.com serving as a product website.

Technical summary

The Cup Holder With A Handle is a new innovative cup sleeve that is designed to surpass the regular cup sleeve in form and function.
What makes it unique is the addition of a handle. This modification makes it possible for more effective advertising.

Benefits Include:
1. Advertisements remain visible even when in use
2. Greatly reduces accidents and spills due to the sturdy handle
3. Allows up to 3 to be carried in one hand
4. Completely forms a barrier between the user and the cup
5. Fold flats for convenient storage
6. Reusable and recyclable cup sleeve


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IP type:



Food technology



Application no.:

US 20160095456
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United States

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Type of cooperation:

Sale – lump sum