Business potential

The product prototype has been sold and tested at few sites, very successfully. The market potential is enormous - with more than 5000 touristic camps in Europe only. The market price of the product with installation is between 5000 and 8000EUR, with (except regular cleaning) no or little maintenance needed. The production price is less than 2000EUR, could be significantly optimized by serialization.

Aditional revenue can be created with maintainance contracts – life span of the product is over 15 years and extremly low maintenance costs are forseen from manufacturer side.

Technical summary

Intended mainly for campers and caravans, it brings a new standard in the field. It provides simple and effective treatment of portable containers, in particular reusable containers for liquid, sludge and similar. The product is used for emptying waste tanks that are part of chemical toilets. With its innovative design and functionality, it provides unprecedented easy and clean emptying and flushing of waste tanks.
The key features of the product:
- A closed system, it prevents splashing of the waste around the area,
- waste tank is washed just by pressing the foot switch,
- quickest and cleanest way to empty the waste tank without touching the peripherals,
- possibility to add chemicals at the time of emptying.
Using the product is simple. The user inserts the rotating emptying spout of waste tank into the rotating hole. Then the waste tank is raised to a vertical position, to empty its contents. Once done, it is returned to its original position. Now, by pressing the foot switch, the water jet fills the tank with fresh water. Flushing can be repeated until the waste tank is clean and thoroughly empty. Proper functioning of the system is provided by sensors that are built in the product. After emptying and flushing, the waste tank can be filled with a mixture of water and chemicals for chemical toilets. At the top of the product there is an opening that provides direct emptying of the waste tank – this allows the user to empty it in a classical way.
Product is ergonomically designed and tailored to the needs of the user. The emptying hole has adjustable height. The product is compact, made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic, with the IP55 protection. It is very easy to clean. To protect against accidental splashing of the water jet it is equipped with sensors that block the water jet if the rotating spout is not properly inserted. The system in its standard version is adapted to the Inker Company toilet, which is the most standard one. The system is supplied by standard 24V voltage, which provides maximum security for the user.


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IP type:



Construction & Household



Application no.:

EP 2710195
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Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom

Price indication:

95.000 USD

Type of cooperation:

Sale – lump sum