Carrier Rotation Independence Mechanism

Business potential

The applications of this Mechanism are unlimited.
Only the Market of Wind Turbines is really very large.
In fact either there is no competition, or there is one, of hydraulic type with efficiency less than 70% and non-endless operation.

Technical summary

A Mechanism that transmits endless rotation from the stationary frame to a rotating Carrier or vice versa, absolutely independently from the endless rotation of the Carrier.
Net efficiency is greater than 95%.

- Wind Turbines of horizontal axis, where the speed increaser and the electric generator have been moved to the stationary tower, at its top or at its base.
- Propeller pitch setting for Helicopters or blade bearing Aircraft, or blade pitch setting for Wind Turbines, within a compact and smart configuration and in an endless operation.
- Large vehicle, like excavator, where a single internal combustion engine is installed on the lower frame and transmits endless rotation to the endlessly rotating turret, instead of having the engine on the turret and transmitting power to the wheels via hydraulic piping in a limited way.
- Vehicle, for civilian or military use, where all wheels take power from a single engine via this mechanism and all wheels, also, can be steered in an endless way and completely independently for each wheel (for example: a 8x8x8 military vehicle, where all 8 wheels steer independently), rendering in this way the vehicle really holonomic.

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