Combination Wheel Chart & Drink Coaster

Business potential

The product offers over 30 square inches of advertising space and can be used as a drink coaster. Because it has been placed on the table during the ENTIRE dining experience, the patron is well aware of its presence...and because of its added value, will take it when leaving the establishment and use it over and over again!

The wheel chart function could be used as a tip calculator or a fun, engaging trivia game.

Technical summary

Goldwing's Trivia Wheel™ or Goldwing's Tip Selector Wheel is a small wheel chart ( Material:
.012” C/2/S. 4-color process printing. Printed surfaces covered by a varnish
coating.) that allows restaurant patrons to play a fun and informative trivia
game. The wheel chart also functions as a coaster and advertising solution.

The product is also available in a slide chart version.

Additional information

Our team has deliberated and calculated a rough, ballpark estimate of the investment required to acquire our trivia game business. The following represents the number we calculated for acquiring the patent and all rights associated with the property:

Range of $243,903.62 - $261,159.62

The funds must be cash with no guarantees or responsibilities/liabilities on our end. Buyer will acquire the property outright and have full ownership. (NOTE: By using the right channels, buyer could realize a profit from this purchase within three months or less. )

Buyer will receive 100% full rights to the patent, the wheel chart business, and the slide chart business.

IP type:



Information Technology



Application no.:

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United States

Price indication:

Range of $243,903.62 - $261,159.62 for 100% ownership of the patent, wheel chart, and slide chart business

Type of cooperation:

Sale – lump sum