Electromagnetic 'Shaky Board' for Energy Conversion


Business potential

The renewable energy market is a multi-billion dollar market in either the UK or Denmark, so there is huge potential for a successful new device. The turbine can work in a more turbulent and high energy environment, where the wind may be constantly active and the device constantly running. The opportunity is the fact that this environment is not being exploited by the current turbines, which cannot work under those conditions and so any energy production would be a 100% gain. While the patent is accepted as a onshore device, it could run offshore as well and benefit from wave motion by being hosted on floats.

Technical summary

This project relates to a new design for an energy-generating device called an electromagnetic 'Shaky Board'. It is so called because it uses the shaking motion of the board to move permanent magnets inside of wire coils, to induce a current. This current can then be collected and stored for later energy consumption. It is the movement of the board itself that is converted into energy, which means that it does not have to align quite so carefully with the kinetic forces, but prefers to be disrupted by them. It may be easier to produce a turbulent flow than a steady one, giving the new design some advantage that way. The invention can be used in different types of environment, but would essentially be wind or water. As the current turbines prefer a steady force direction, this new design could complement them and be used in environments where the current designs would not typically work well. While a traditional wind turbine generates energy from a rotating blade motion, this new design uses an oscillating sideways motion to do the same thing.


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UK Patent Number: GB2560401, DKPTO Utility Model Number: BA 2017 00077.
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