LADIES UNDERGARMENT AND FASTENER which allows women to wear clothes with OPEN BACK

Business potential

The potential of this patent is like to have the patent of the women bra - every women need it and want it. There is not any undergarment on the world market that can provide open back for women.
There are almost 70% of women who have clothes with open back but cannot wear it without bra supported elements to be seen. Other almost 30% would like to have such a clothes with open back but do not buy it because it does not exist a special undergarment for this needs on the market yet.
LADIES UNDERGARMENT AND FASTENER was created for all women who like to wear clothes with open back, care about their health and at the same time a bra stripes not to be visible.

Technical summary

Brand new invented and patented Fastener is able to connect shoulder stripes vertically under arms and at acute angle. This Fastener allows back to be open while breasts are supported by Ladies Undergarment other elements form patented formula. Existing version of connection and fasteners in all undergarments are connected strictly horizontally and at right angle.


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Russia, Ukraine, United States

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