Modular heat exchange system for residential housing, 30% energy savings.

Business potential

A heat exchanger which can Heat, cool, ventilate, has domestics functions, humidify and has light functions, mainly for residential housing, with 30% energy efficiency. It's basically an "airconditioning on the central heating systems". This to obtain a good atmosphere to live in, balancing the inside temperatures with outside.

This project has been developed with GE, Sapa, Sabic, zhiel-abegg,...
Approved and tested by labs & university studies.
IP landscape with a strategical "Global" coverage (including: USA, EU, China, Hong-Kong, Japan, India). IP has been issued and granted.
Eco-system ready, no issues for implementing the modular heat exchange system into the current central heating systems of houses and apartments.

Technical summary

A modular heat exchange system for use in central heat exchange installations in buildings. The system comprises at least one heat exchange element equipped for exchanging heat between environmental air and a fluid which is conducted through the heat exchange element. The heat exchange element comprises a technical part for conducting the fluid, a wall mount adapted for being fixed to a wall and for holding the technical part and a cover for covering the technical part, the cover having a predetermined first shape with opposite lateral sides corresponding to a predetermined second shape of at least one non-heat-exchange add-on element, equipped for adding a given additional functionality to the system. The technical part comprises a front member in a non-heat conductive material, a back member in a heat conductive material and a sealing in between. The back member comprises a flat base with a plurality of upstanding fins for exchanging heat with the air. The wall mount is constructed in a non-heat conductive material. A ventilator is provided at a bottom side of the heat exchange element for drawing air into the heat exchange element.

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IP landscape includes Hong-Kong

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HK20110110144 20110926 , US8347950 , 10165558.7
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China, European Union, India, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United States

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