Universal Horizontal Raising and Lowering device

Business potential

HPG AS Specializes in wide protection of geometrical principles for lifting and lowering solutions.
People wants their life to be easy, and spend more money than ever on comfort high end solutions for their homes.
This patent allows a horizontal plane with load to be pulled out horizontal and lovered diagonally up or down from the starting position, allowing the user to easy and comfortable access low and high shelves and drawers/cabinets in a really easy way.
Application areas:
- Furniture fittings
- Raising a full size shelf or drawer from a cabinet
- raising or lowering a bar with clothes hangers,
- Automotive
- Other

Technical summary

The present invention relates to a raising and lowering device for supporting load, where the raising and lowering device comprises a first beam and a second beam which are movable relative each other, where a first profile element further is slidably connected to the first beam and a second profile element is slidably connected to the second beam, which first and second profile elements further are slidably in contact with each other, where the first profile element further through a strut is connected to the second beam, while the second profile element through the strut is connected to the first beam, where the first and the second beam is movable relative each other between a retracted position and an extended position of the raising and lowering device.

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