Virtual reality device and mode of operation

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The present application relates to a virtual reality device which may be formed of an outer frame, an electronic board, a screen, a folding tube, a lens frame, lenses, and a slipover frame. The outer frame of the virtual reality device may be connected with the lens frame by the folding tube. The lens frame may be connected with the slipover frame. One or more screens may be mounted on the outer frame. The screens may be connected with the electronic board. The lenses can be mounted on the lens frame or the folding tube. The virtual reality device has a reduced weight and an increased flexibility. It is not necessary to hoop the device around a user's head when in use. It can be slipped over eyeglasses, and has various position-adjusting functions so that its usability and comfort can be increased.

Technical summary

Truly Portable
With light front weight, small size and no top band design, make this device more comfortable and portable.

Light Front Weight - around 56g only
Removed battery and main board in front of your head and special structure design to help reduce front weight of this device to around 56g only VS normal device with around 300g. Wearing this device is more comfortable.

Small Size
Foldable structure helps to shrink size of this device to 14.5x8x4.5cm, make it truly portable.

Glasses / No Top Band Structure
Benefit from light front weight, glasses structure and goggle without top band design arepossible. You may use it out of your room without worrying VR helmet mess up your hair. Structure design of OBSINN Simple VR is Patent Protected.

Cover Your Glasses
Simple VR can be covered your glasses so you may wearing your glasses and using Simple VR simultaneously.

Looking outside
With camera and virtual window function, you can see the real world even put on this device. You can record or take photo as well.

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