Wastegate Set for Turbocompressor and Turbocompressor for Internal Combustion Engines

Business potential

The market studies shows that "Global Turbo Market" has considerable Growth for 2020-2025.
Patent persecution based on novelties according to the written opinion from ISA.
Nationalization on USA and CHINA.
Country of origin application: BRAZIL.
Aplicable in any type of internal combustion engine.

Technical summary

The benefits are related to CO2 reduction in two ways, first in the manufacturing process due to the opportunity to replace the waste gate valve instead of to replace the turbo when problems related to waste gate valve is facing. The second way is related to the combustion of the engine since this technology can be associated with waste gate valve control that gives the chance to optimize turbo maps operation in order to reduce engine’s fuel consumption or even to performance improvement reaons.
Additionally, this work can provide low costs and turbo usage increase in markets that are not emissions demanding because in these markets emissions legislation are not the driver for technology development. This means low costs related to maintenance can be target since the waste gate valve can be replaced instead of turbo’s replacement. The waste time related to vehicle/machine stopped for maintenance in also reduced since waste gate replacement is much simpler than turbo’s replacement.

Additional information

Nationalization in China: February 03RD, 2020
Nationalization in USA: January 30TH, 2020
Country of origin application: Brazil
PCT Application number: PCT/BR2018/000041
PCT Publication number: WO2019/023768
Priority number: BR102017016845-0
Priority date: August 04TH, 2017

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Brazil, China, United States

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