Water Oxygenation & Sanitization

Business potential

Our patent (EUR, US, JP) allows to revolutionize the way water is oxygenated in aquaculture (alimentary fish farming). Oxygenation and sanitization devices (e.g. diffusers) based on this invention allow to better oxygenate and treat farming water while reducing power consumption. The invention is proven, we currently manufacture products based on this invention and sel lthem in Europe, China nad US. Potentially, this product could be used in water treatment, pharmaceutical sector, etc. Patent valid until 2030.

Technical summary

Gas is passed through a monoblock of charcoal with preserved structure, thus creating micro-bubbles. The smaller the bubble, the better dissipation in water.

Additional information

Patent owner ready to consider any option, non-exclusive licensing preferred. Also, exclusive by market (e.g. exclusive for pharmaceutical and at the same time exclusive for aquaculture) possible.
Video showing the use of the invention in products that are currently marketed in zoological (aquarium) sector: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQmz5ojoenQ

IP type:






Application no.:

US8985558 (B2)
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France, Germany, Japan, Poland, United Kingdom, United States

Price indication:

US$ 2,000,000 lump sum (sale). Exclusive license US$ 300,000 per annum. Non-exclusive: US$ 100,000 per annum

Type of cooperation:

Non-exclusive licence-agreement