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A total solution to the cold hand problem for all surface water sports, the only variable is how often you have to blow into the system for a given set of conditions. The cold hand problem applies to half the world for 3 to 6 months of the year.
Every winter wetsuit or dry suit should have this $5 optional tubing attachment. Stand alone tubing systems to work under standard water sports suits are alternative configurations of this solution.

Technical summary

A system of tubes substantially running along the inside of a water sports suit to deliver warm air to the hands and a mouth piece that rests under the users chin to exhale into when ever the hands require some additional heat. Running the tubes substantially along the inside of the sports suit not only insulates them, the body heat increases the heating power transferred to the hands. If you fall in the water the bit of water that creeps inside the tubes will blow out onto the hands feeling warm after being inside them just 30 seconds due to the body heat acting on the tubes. The system only works if the tubes run along the inside of the suit and that is the basis of the patent rights issued.

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EP2802227, US9,580,157
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