William Jones

Business potential

Huge sales potential - the item is unique in the field for hygiene. The item is a fully disposable lavatory brush, that is flushed away down the toilet directly after use. The items can be manufactured for pennies - as they consist of cheap materials (some paper, disinfectant,and abrasive agent) The profit potential is great, because the demand for hygiene is paramount, and there are millions of toilets that could use this product. The old toilet brush (stationed in the corner of the Lavatory) sits accumulating bacteria, and is cumbersome. as these disposable brushes are an appendage form toilet paper (disposable for cleanliness) - they are a very desirable, and easily affordable necessity for today's world.

Technical summary

A totally disposable toilet brush. the whole item is flushable - including the handle

Additional information

The potential for marketing this item is huge. The number of properties - with repeat business - week by week - in the United Kingdom is millions. We estimate that there is at least a profit margin of 50% mark up on each item, as the components (mostly paper and some chemicals) cost pennies to produce. If only 10 % of the population buy these utensils - on a regular basis, then there is a very high predicted turn-over to be had. As we currently do not have the money to invest in this operation - we do not have the ability to get these brushes made in quantity, or to be able to get them packed and retailed. We are hoping someone with the business acumen/insight to see the possibilities in this range will be able to profit from the innovation


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